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GRCR Partners Inc. is a provider of corporate governance, risk management, compliance and regulatory reporting (“GRCR”) solutions for businesses (“GRCR Solutions”).     Currently, we provide GRCR Solutions through professional consulting services on a project-based fee arrangement.    We deliver our services following our proprietary compliance architecture methodology.   The skilled application of the fundamental principles governing compliance and risk management is what we call compliance architecture.   We are building-out our Compliance Architecture Platform (“CAP”) to be an automated GRCR management tool that streamlines the process of GRCR for businesses.    We believe that by combining expert consulting and GRCR software tools, we will help clients cost effectively build and maintain GRCR programs that reduce day-to-day and long term risks in their work environment.


We define a GRCR program as; an integrated, holistic approach to organization-wide governance, risk, compliance and reporting ensuring that an organization acts ethically correct and in accordance with its risk appetite, internal policies and external regulations through the alignment of strategy, processes, technology and people, thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness.


Compliance Architecture is a system for improving a client’s GRCR program continually.    Our ultimate goal is to provide an all-in-one system that empowers users to define and implement cost efficient and effective GRCR programs.    The system will allow users to build a compliance program, learn regulatory requirements, train employees, collaborate with colleagues, delegate responsibilities, document reviews, escalate red flags, draft custom procedures and define controls.    Our mission is to provide each client with on-call subject-matter expertise and software tools to achieve optimum performance