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Our Technology Services and Solutions

The Company’s Compliance Performance Architecture (“CPA”) system is being built to be automated GRCR management system that streamlines the process of GRCR for businesses.   Our ultimate goal is to provide an all-in-one system that empowers users to define and implement an effective GRCR programs.    The system will allow users to build a compliance program, learn regulatory requirements, train employees, collaborate with colleagues, delegate responsibilities, document reviews, escalate red flags, draft custom procedures, define controls, and perform a wide range of other key GRCR functions.   Our mission is to provide each client with the technology to achieve optimum performance.

The CPA system helps clients evaluate current GRCR programs and helps them consider controls to ensure future compliance.   Our Consultants or Service Providers will advise clients on the development of an effective supervisory system, including the selection and delegation of the required reviews and tasks, enabling clients to understand the regulatory mandates governing their business.    A clients customized program creates an automated assignment of compliance tasks and appropriate reviews for a client’s personnel. The CPA dashboard will allow clients to monitor their performance to make sure that personnel are completing their assigned tasks, reviews, and responsibilities.  The system will allow clients to view and measure a firm’s performance with multiple reporting functions.


Once fully functional, we believe the basic benefits of the CPA system are:

  • Web-based Application—Users can access the system from anywhere there is internet connectivity.
  • Cost-efficient Solution—Our hosted solution eliminates the need for professional programmers and IT staff.
  • Automated Assignment of Compliance Tasks – Compliance tasks are assigned automatically to the proper personnel based on predefined frequencies.
  • Email Notifications – Users receive important reminders and notifications pertaining to their compliance duties.
  • Permissions Management Options – User access can be managed through varying levels of permissions.
  • Document Management – Linking and storing of supporting documentation ensures easy accessibility for internal and external audits.
  • Reports – Reports can be quickly generated to evidence completion of required compliance reviews.
  • On-line Collaboration – Users can comment on individual projects and send messages to others linked to the project.
  • Delegation Tool – Supervisors are able to effectively delegate appropriate compliance tasks to others and evidence appropriate supervision where applicable.

Benefits of Hosted Solution

Hosted solutions are a “no brainer” for most businesses that are looking to save money without sacrificing quality and productivity. As an online-based solution, our system helps investment firms to manage their projects without the added headaches of managing the infrastructure needed.

All networks are proactively monitored on a continuous basis. Security of the data is also a major part of security and control. To achieve this we have redundant database servers as well as nightly data backups. In addition, backups are stored on an offsite secure server, ensuring data file redundancy.

Hosted benefits include:

  • Economical – Initial costs are minimal as there to purchase hardware or software
  • No maintenance required
  • Location doesn’t matter; users can work from different cities or even countries—all under the same virtual roof.
  • Immediate deployment
  • Secure and reliable performance for the highest productivity
  • Reliability – You can be sure that your data will always be accessible thanks to our Multi-tier redundant server environment.